The main reason you don’t solve “marriage problems” like How to save the marriage is because you focus on problems.
Let me head you off.
The answer’s not what you think.
Some people say you should focus on “solutions” instead.
Not really.
That is still focusing on “problems.”
Even if you’re trying to “solve” them.
The Science of Happy Marriage states that problems beget problems.
When you focus on anything, that’s what you tend to see.
When you buy a blue car, you notice there are a lot of them around.
When you buy a new pair of shoes, all of a sudden everyone’s wearing them.
It’s just because you noticed.
When you focus on anything you tend to block other things out.
Energy flows where the attention goes.
There is a much better way to be happy in your marriage.
It’s called the Prescribed Way.
It gets you out of the “problems” mindset and moves you quickly to happiness in marriage.
It’s brand new.
I took all my other 12 programs down because THIS is the answer to marriage happiness.

There is nothing else that provides you full support on solving your marriage internal problems than Marriage counseling.

The sooner you change direction, the sooner you’ll find the real answers.
To your great relationship future.