Choosing the right college major is a major life decision and can be a very stressful and possibly even confusing time for a college student. The choice of major will effectively set the tone for the student’s future and it is of the utmost importance is that the select a major that will allow him or her to obtain a good job right after college. The right major can make all the difference in life; a job that is something one is good at and enjoys has benefits and payoffs that cannot be measured in mere dollars earned.

Financial Security
As most are aware, it is best to begin saving money as soon as possible so that, in later years, one can experience a financially secure retirement period. To maximize the amount of money that can be saved, one must have a job that pays well, and carefully choosing a major in college can lead down the correct path towards financial security.

While it is true that a college education equates to higher salaries overall, some majors and degrees are of greater worth in the workplace than others and, thus, lead to a higher paying job.

Engineering Fields
As has been the case for years, degrees in various fields of engineering
remain among the top paying and in demand college degrees. In particular, biomedical engineers are in high demand and can command very high wages. One advantage of engineering degrees comes with the fact that many of the current engineers in the public sector will be retiring soon, making way for the next and younger generation. Since not everyone is capable of succeeding at achieving an engineering degree, this leads to a large number of openings coming up soon within various engineering fields.

Science and Mathematics Fields
Majoring in one of the sciences or mathematics degrees, particularly in the fields of biochemistry and computer science are also safe choices. Again, these are degrees that not everyone is able to succeed at and are in high demand; for example there will always be a need for biochemists, especially as new diseases and conditions come to light. In fact, biochemists will be happy to hear that
there is a 31% job growth outlook for 2010-20, which is much higher than average when compared with career outlook for other professions. Likewise, there will always be a need for those that can improve the efficiency and operation of computers.

Most companies track statistics and numbers in one way or another, and as a result those with mathematics degrees are in high demand. Applied mathematics, mathematics and statistics majors will be able to find their niche in today’s job market with their degrees quite easily, helping various companies to apply various types of mathematics to their bottom lines. In most companies, these data analyst specialists are well paid for what they do, as their ability to analyze statistical data and make forecasts for the future success of their company prove incredibly worthwhile to employers.

Another point of information to consider is that professions requiring engineering, science and mathematics degrees are among the most stable in the nation. With some of the lowest unemployment rates in the United States, these fields are all excellent choices to consider. As an added bonus, they are all highly paid, which means getting into one of these fields shortly after college can allow the student to begin saving significant amounts of money, leading to a steady and stable path to financial security when retirement age is reached.

Business Majors

One of the benefits of holding a Bachelors or Master’s degree in business is the versatility the major provides when it comes to career choices. Business majors can go on to be accountants, sales managers and market research analysts, among others. Students with business degrees, especially economics majors, can expect to see, on average, a much higher starting salary than their peers. According toThe Chicago Tribune the median starting salary for business grads is around $54,800.

While there are plenty of benefits to obtaining a major in one of these fields, including a competitive salary, students should not discount the importance of job satisfaction. If you are unsure of whether or not these fields are a good fit for you, consider talking to your academic or career counselor to find great career opportunities for your preferred major.