Smartphone users all over the world are getting higher and higher. Even small children nowadays are already fond of using these devices. The inforgraphic shows a study in the United States on how smartphones are influencing their community. Most users are adults and 45% of American adults are recorded to have these devices. Most of them still consider getting a cellular phone instead of this expensive device. As the OEMs globally show how they survive in the market, even non-smartphones were also patronized. With the great demands in the market, a total of $100 Billion was spent on mobile media globally. They will continue to spend given the high competition in the market. They will continue to create and upgrade their operating system in order to survive in the close fight. Android and iOS are the most used by consumers in their application downloads. Before these two operating systems came out in the market, EMEA and ROW were using Symbian, Japan, NoAm, EMEA and ROW were using RIM the most and Linux was also used in Japan, China and ROW. Microsoft was also popular but was not used in Japan. In the recent study, only 100K downloads were made with Windows, 700K for Android and 600K for iOS.
Smart Users


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