Improving the look of a home or commercial building is a great way to enhance the value of the property or just reflect the owner’s or resident’s new outlook on life. This is great for property that may be put up for sale, rental or lease. Sometimes though, real estate owners are simply ready for a change in the appearance of their property. Some of the things that go into changing the face of a building include a revamped curb appeal, fancy building enhancements and a new paint job.

Enhancing the curb appeal of a home or office building essentially means making it stand out among the other structures within the vicinity. A creative piece of ornament or a water feature could do this job well. Another option is to introduce a well manicured lawn to a barren looking front yard or to use creative outdoor tiles to create welcoming entrance to the office. Plants are also great for use in this type of project. The type of plants that are selected will depend on the decorating goals or themes that are being used to guide the project. A tropical look is achieved by adding palm trees and tropical plants.

There are a number of construction elements that can be used to enhance the appeal of any building. Revamping an outdated stair design and installing a newer and more modern one can work wonders for the interior appearance of a home. Since stairs tend to be large in comparison to other fixtures in the home a remodeling project such as this is bound to have a significant impact on the atmosphere created when people enter the space. The stair design can be simple, modern or dramatic depending on the desires of the client. Someone with an eye for the artistic and unique things in life, for instance, would probably prefer spiraling stairs with a metallic finish.

Other items that can be added are awnings, balusters and window dressings. Balusters can go on the outside of the building but they can also be used inside.  Awnings are great as, in addition to adding zest to the appearance of the building, they provide protection from the elements. On the outside, the make excellent barriers or decorators in entertainment areas or on porches. On the inside they can be used to line the stairway from the landing to the handrail. This helps to fill the gaping and dangerous space that would exist between these two stair parts.

Of course the color that appears on the outer and inner walls must be considered in any home décor plan. For most interior decorators, the paint job is used as the foundation for the selection of pieces of furniture and artwork to enhance the space. The color that is used on the outside of the home should complement the outdoor living space, garden or entertainment area in which it is immersed. As with the other elements the color should be chosen to depict the theme that is being used for the project. A bold and exciting theme, for example, would work well with bright colors. A professionally executed paint job will leave the building looking brand new.

Remodeling, redecorating or decorating from scratch can be tedious, time consuming and tiring but the results are always worth it if the right approach is taken. This means identifying the factors that are most likely to have the most dramatic effect when the project is complete. Focusing on these three key areas when deciding on the décor theme for your home will help to ensure guarantee success for any home enhancement projects.

Karen is a retired interior decorator who dabbles in writing online. She has also spearheaded a number of home enhancement projects as an interior decorator. She currently spends most of her time writing about the topic or discussing it with fellow home owners in her home owner’s club.