Never panic when your car stops suddenly, unless you are on a road that is a bit dark and scary. You can handle most of the car problems by yourself provided you have the appropriate equipment and tool boxes in your car.

If you witness funny action or a sudden breakdown in your car as you drive, you should first consider your safety as you pull it off the road. Make use of your blinker and slowly pull it off the road as far as you can. Never park on an underpass, a bridge or any bend within the road unless there is no alternative choice. Put on the hazard lights. Use the passenger side to move out of your car in case of a heavy traffic. Lift the hood. In case you are alone and uncomfortable of moving out of the car, remain inside while the windows and doors are locked until somebody makes a call to the police. Otherwise examine underneath the hood to establish what the problem could be.
Things you need to carry in your car for emergency cases
All things needed for changing a flat tire. Cash money, spark plugs, spare batteries, jumper cables and a call police sign are examples of such things.
There are things you need to check first in case of a car breakdown such as:
In case your car will not start, check your battery, gas level, the fuses and check underneath the hood for wires or hoses that are disconnected. It is easy to determine a fuse that gets burnt out. Any fuse that gets split into two and with a burnt end is certainly burnt out and requires a replacement.
You could the check coolant level and then look any fluid leaks in case of an overheating car. Wait until your car has cooled down so as to put additional fluid. While your car runs, check to see whether the fan is turning. Otherwise, it will imply that the fan might be broken and requires a replacement.
In case of a funny smell, find out the kind of smell it could be. An oil smell will be an indication of an oil leak and an exhaust smell will be an indication of a leak within the exhaust system. A smell of a burning rubber can imply a hose that has come off and lying on a certain hot part within the engine.
A car that stalls and lurches as you drive can mean an inappropriate idle speed.
A sluggish car suggests the presence of bad gasoline or the need to change the fuel filter. Move to a nearer gas station and then put the fuel injector cleaner into the injector in case your car has one.
Check your battery or consider your starter to be bad in case of a car that fails to start right away.
If the starter is able to crank the engine, then the problem is possibly not the starter or the battery but the starting sensor or other electronic component.