Capping an auspicious occasion with entertainment that titillates and inspires is not only fun, but respectable and cheap. How about a birthday poker party with nude croupiers? Or some delicious sushi served off of a naked blonde? How’s that for see-food? From three and half hour harbour cruises attended by nude blonde waitresses to a BBQ where blondes show off their boobs while roasting your chops and plying you with chilled beer. These are but a few of the newest trends in live adult waitress/exotic dancer entertainment, clean, adult, tasteful, and exciting from start to climax-no pun intended.

A penthouse party is a great idea for a bachelor or even a seasoned, married man: gorgeous blondes book a hotel for you and your closest friends, and serve food and drinks to you and yours while topless, either as dancers, waitresses in full nude, or clad in classy lingerie.

In this age of equality between the sexes, hens can get in on the fun as well! A hen and her friends can take a pole dancing lesson, replete with routine, a sexy strut, and scintillating dance moves. Or hens can gather with their friends on a cruise, not only to gorge and imbibe, but to enjoy a view: hunky topless waiters and male dancers! Or be a vivacious vixen and sample the Nothing Butt Aprons, slightly more cheeky. Topless waiters serve hens and friends in open-back aprons! Even better, hens and friends can pack into a bus attended by topless hunks that will drive them to any location for lunch/dinner, or three clubs/pubs where VIP seating is prearranged, and where the dancers perform a full monty strip routine.

Bucks can arrange to be a front-row spectator at their ultimate lesbian fantasy event: Two hot strippers perform a sizzling duo performance in lesbian style. Nothing is off limits: kissing, touching, licking! A buck can treat himself to different levels of sensuality, too, from R-rated bath to X-rated deluxe show. The sky’s the limit, and any buck in his right mind will need the extra room to contain his, shall we say, enthusiasm!

Only the best quality Sydney strippers will do. Beautiful, professional girls who know how to get the job done efficiently and provocatively always make for more memorable entertainers. R-rated refers specifically to girls/guys who arrive in a sexy role-play outfit which is promptly removed, albeit seductively. Each stripper has her own set of tricks and visual effects she employs, and all will be put to good use for the buck’s enjoyment. At the X-rated level, the blonde in questions will inspire audiences to new heights with a full nude striptease, and a live sex toy play show: vibrators, dildos, pearls, and much more.

Then there are the perennial favorites, the Lesbian Shows: lipstick lesbians, to be sure, girly girls with amazing bodies who enjoy each other, and performing for male observers. Two strippers act out the ultimate lesbian fantasy in front of any buck and his guests, including ripping their clothing off for each other, servicing one another with double enders, vibrators, and dildos. Bucks, particularly ‘Men of Honor’, are often impressed into threesomes, which can make the occasion the more memorable and interactive for everyone.

Prices for Sydney strippers have never been more reasonable. For a mere $45 per hour up to $1100 per hour, one can enjoy the likes of promotional models, topless waiters, a full monty show, lingerie waitresses, topless poker dealers, a G-string show or lesbian full nude show, and XXX spot/spot lesbian duo. Lap dances available, naturally, but upon request for a price suitable to the circumstances and experience of the dancer in question.

Bringing fun and zest (complete with flashes of flesh) to any adult occasion is simple, tasteful, and inexpensive, and more popular and acceptable than ever!