Tis the season to be jolly, and for many companies it is the perfect time to have Christmas parties. Christmas time is an exciting time for many and something to really look forward too. Use the whole month of December as a time to get excited for what is to come on the 25th. When it comes to businesses planning a Christmas do the venue is all important.


It depends on what the company budget is for the big end of year party, some like to opt for a Christmas meal in a local restaurant which is especially a popular choice if the workforce is small. For larger companies who have hundreds of staff a proper party in a larger room can be simpler. Trying to hire a restaurant or somewhere big enough to have a sit down meal could get complicated and would be difficult to socialise in. You can find large rooms in places to hire which make a great option.


If the room you hire is empty you need to set aside a budget for furniture, you might want to buy some banquette seating so people have the chance to sit down and have a chat. Tables are essential for making sure drinks can be placed down safely, so they don’t end up on the floor and being knocked over! Once the essentials are sorted choosing lighting is what makes it really feel like Christmas. Pretty lights around the room to create a more festive atmosphere will be appreciated by the workforce. Some even like to push the boat out and hire a snow machine to truly create a winter wonderland without the freezing cold that goes along with the real thing!


The decision of putting money behind the bar for staff is up to the managers again, it is good to put a reasonable limit on it to make sure people don’t abuse it. Providing a full on buffet or light nibbles also needs to be thought about. Some food should be put out because everybody loves festive treats and the longer you are somewhere you start to get hungry!


The room itself often needs to be booked well in advance to make sure you get something suitable but if it is left later on there will still be places available, they might just have added a bit more onto the cost of hiring the room.