Today’s world is evolving incessantly and time management has become essential to excel in such a fast paced environment. How someone manages time and given task is the key to become successful now a day. Considering this ever evolving world, incorporating information technology has become indispensable to cope up with it.

One such thing that offers great flexibility and comfort to working professional and students is online education. Due to this, online education is growing swiftly in every part of the world and this rapid growth has resulted in formation of some great educational institutions. People from all walks of life are taking advantage from including professionals and those who are looking for homework help online. This article will shed light on the past, present and future prospective of online education.

How perception changed:

At the outset, online education was not welcomed. Firstly, people were not ready to trust something that lacks physical existence; hence they would find it quite shallow. However, just like information technology in general, people could not resist the intervention of information technology in education. And now, learning or educating through internet or technology has become sort of norm.

View point of employers:

Employer’s view point has also been changed drastically towards online education. In early days, CV’s of people mentioning online learning or distance learning would not be taken warmly by the employers. Employers would think that person who opted for such kind of education definitely lacks something considering to the one who opted for conventional method of learning. Nevertheless, scenario is totally opposite now. Now many organizations conduct such form of learning sessions for their employees to update them with latest knowledge.

View point of educational institutes:

View point of institutions has also been changed totally towards E-learning. On the onset, no major institution would offer internet education to the students and would feel that this is something should be left for the inferior institutions. However, trends changed swiftly and now almost every famous university/college around the globe is offering this mode of learning.

Biggest beneficiaries:

School/college going students: students of schools and colleges are the people taking most advantage of it for help in exams, homework or assignments. For example, a student having trouble with the economics homework can easily take economics homework help.


Succinctly, trends in education have totally been changed since the intervention of internet and technology. Things and issues which were deemed esoteric or non practical are now being embraced by the general populace. It won’t be wrong to say that merger of technology and learning is the future.