You should know about different types of wine before ordering a bottle on your date as asking other can be embarrassing for you. You can get a quick look at the various types of wines through this article.

Some of these wines fascinate people though their looks whereas some through their presentation by the experts. In fact a few people might know about different kinds of wines though it can be ridiculous to ask someone as he knows about the kinds of wines.

Drinking wine in real sense is related to the class and style but most of the time people pose to know all about it though they may not even speak its name correctly. So if you want to impress your date then first of you should know certain basic things related to the types of wine before sharing a bottle of wine with her.


Different types of wine

Grapes of a number of different varieties are used by the wine manufacturers all over the world to manufacture various kinds of wines and the taste of a wine significantly depends on the variety of grapes used in it. While you go through the list of different wines you may not recognize fewer verities of them, which is very essential for you to impress your date as well as ordering for the best of them.

Chardonnay: Grapes of this variety are used to produce dry white gin and are grown in almost every vineyard in the world. The rich aroma and strong flavor of this wine is attained by aging it in oak barrels. The fruity flavor of this wine depends on its vanilla and buttery contents.

Cabernet Sauvignon: Grapes of this variety are used to produce red wines world over but Cabernet Sauvignon produced in Bordeaux, France is the best.

Grenache: This grape variety is produced at places with extreme hot environment or droughts and is put at second number worldwide and is used to produce sweet wine, if vinified perfectly.


Chenin Blanc: This widely used variety of grapes to produce wines is being replaced with Chardonnay and other varieties of grapes to get better value. It gives a fruity and acidic flavor when blended with Chardonnay.

Pinot Noir: This premium variety of grapes is found in Burgundy, France and gives rich and complex taste of raspberry, black cherries and mint if grown well. Burgundy wine ranks as one of the best wines in the world. This wine is served in elite restaurants, hotels and on cruise ships.

Riesling: This great wine is made of Reisling grapes that are grown well in the places of cool climate such as Germany. The floral and fruity flavor and high level acidity of this wine enables it to be retained for long time.

Pinot Gris: This dry and crisp white wine is made from brown colored grapes that liked these days very much due to its spicy flavor and heady feel.

This list of wines can allow you to order for the best wine confidently to match to your dish as you are the best to know about such mix-matches.

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