Having a car suddenly break down on you when you are driving through a busy city can be a nightmare. Luckily for the citizens of Denmark’s second largest city help is at hand in the form of Roadside Assistance Aarhus. This plan is known to its members as another emergency service, simply because they know that they just need to make one phone call and help will be on the way. It really is surprising how many people have not yet joined Roadside Assistance Aarhus because the benefits and services that they offer really are second to none. So exactly what services do they offer? Well, read on for my list of the top 4 reasons to join to find out more.

1. Many roadside assistance companies have different levels of cover, which can see people having to pay extra or just end up stranded in certain situations. Roadside Assistance Aarhus will come to your aid no matter where you are. You simply make one call to the customer services department, answer a few questions to help them locate you and then wait for help to arrive. They also have a service whereby the customer service representative will stay on the phone with you if you feel that you are in an isolated location or are feeling vulnerable for any reason.

2. Sometimes the problem that made the car break down in the first place cannot be fixed by the side of the road. Roadside Assistance Aarhus works in conjunction with most of the car garages around Aarhus, which means that they will be able to organise the delivery and repair of your vehicle for you. This saves you a lot of time and hassle because the representatives will know exactly which garage will be able to deal with your problem without you having to spend hours on a telephone trying to make sense of mechanical jargon.

3. If the worst should happen and your vehicle needs to be towed to a garage for repair, many roadside assistance companies would have an obligation to help you get home and that’s about it. Sometimes, if you are far away from home there can be additional charges and it is also very inconvenient if you are supposed to be heading to an important meeting or off on holiday. Roadside Assistance Aarhus (or as Danes say it autohjælp Århus) goes a step further and will actually help you to organise alternative transport to get you to your destination no matter what the distance or where it is.

4. As well as helping you when you break down at the roadside, this company also offers many other services. For example, if your car will not start when it is outside your home, they will come out to you there. If you find that you have a flat tire and no way to change it yourself, they will deal with that too. Another benefit is that a member can actually be covered as well as the car that they drive. This means that if they are a passenger in another car or driving someone else’s car and it breaks down, then they can use their membership privileges to get that car back on the road again. So if you want to get quick DK roadside assistance (få hurtig Dk vejhjælp in Danish) just follow the link to find how and where.