Newest report released on health care facilities has shown that nearly 300 patients died in last year due to lower hospital care in different cases. The investigation has revealed that substandard hospital care has resulted directly into the death of 3000 patients. The investigation has been organized by BBC Panorama program and the results show that 2,875 patients died in 2011. Reports also show that another 7,585 patients suffered seriously harm in last year 2011 due to unsafe health care in NHS hospitals. The reports disclose after five years of Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust scandal when hundreds of people died gratuitously.

Jeremy Hunt the health secretary admitted that horrendous standard of care in social care system and NHS can be reason behind these deaths and serious health hazards in previous year. Further he stated to Panorama that it was really shocking situation for several individuals. Mid- Staffordshire has shocked many by giving failure results of care. It is really difficult to say with confidence about the reason of failure in social health care system NHS care. It was really unexpected to see failing of social health care system.

It has also been stated that majority of patients in NHS receive quality treatment and care. But still there are several things to improve health care facilities and to ensure that all NHS patients get quality treatment throughout the system. He ensures to give priority to provide quality treatment to patients.

Former NHS hospital trust chief executive and patient safety expert Dr. Mike Williams has admitted that staffs have overburden of work inside NHS hospital and work pressure causes more likely to make mistakes by the NHS workers. It is important to get full information about NHS health insurance programs to get health security from NHS plans. Private health insurance plans are also serving in better ways at cheap cost to insurance holders.

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