A report has claim today that tens of thousands cancer patients are prevented from working because of lack of support for them and their employer. It has also added that people who are suffering from cancer and unable to work at present generally make a significant contribution to the UK economy.

Oxford economics has carried out a study which reveals that nearly 560,000 people having cancer are currently in workforce and contributing approx. £16 billion each year to UK economy.

Maggie’s Cancer caring center and collaboration of insurer Unum has published a report together on this issue. The report shows that several people with cancer fall out of the workplace unnecessarily. The report claims that the formal results into loss of UK economy with approx. £1.8 billion every year.

Report released today suggested that by rising prevalence and survival rates, the number of cancer patients with working status is set to increase by one million by 2030. These individuals can make wide contribution of £29 billion to UK economy if works continues. Reports also suggest that as many as 63,000 people suffering with cancer want to continue with works but encountering barriers are preventing them from doing so.

Oxford Economics reports have added that an addition of 136,000 people with cancer willing to do work by 2030 and they could do so with right support. These large numbers of people could contribute an additional £3.5 billion to the UK economy. It is expected to increase in the number of people with cancer at workplace as people work for longer improves the survival rates. Aviva UK health insurance has also carried out a research earlier in this year which shows that nearly 29% of employers are already facing rise in average age of their workforce. 37% of employers are expected to see older workforce in future.

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