Hot tubs and spas are much in vogue these days due to their manifold benefits. Lots of people want to purchase these products from the market owing to their various uses. However they often get confused about which one to choose between the two. For this reason it is important to set out your priorities.

Let’s take into account a few considerations before making the final purchase decision on whether to select tubs or spas.

A few considerations

  • Size of your space

First of all it’s important to consider the size of your space where you are planning to keep hot tubs. The base of the spa should be elevated in order to drain away the water with proper access to electric outlet of applicable voltage. Again you should also think about the number of people to be accommodated in your spa. After taking these things into account, you should exclude tubs that are either small or large for your space and requirements.

  • Spas with enough jets

It will always be a wise decision to go for spas that are having enough jets. The more will be the number of jets, the more you will get relief to your muscles. You must also check out that a hot tub is providing you the option for diverting water pressure. In addition you should also see whether the jets can be independently turned off and on for creating personalized massage. The spa should offer a blend of straight stream and spinning jets. In order to see whether the spa jet is actually hitting the place you want it to and whether the seating arrangement is comfortable or not, you can get inside a vacant spa and sit.

  • Comparing control level

You also have to compare the control level and choose the one that helps you control the flow of water from various jet groupings. Moreover you should also check that the control panel is simple to make use of. You should also not forget to check out the fact that the control panel is situated in such a place where you can easily reach.

  • Proper system of filtration

Proper system of filtration should also be taken into consideration while you are selecting your spa. It is due to the fact that bacteria grow in an uncontrolled way in warm waters of hot tub. A spa holding 250 gallons of water should filter as a minimum 10,000 gallons every day.

  • Spas with covers

Always try to select the spa that comes with cover. This will help you to keep away debris when you are not using the spa. Again you should also check out that the cover is having some weight so that the children in your house can’t lift it easily. Simultaneously it should be light enough for getting lifted easily.

  • Visual attractiveness

The hot tub that you are purchasing for your home should also have visual attractiveness. You can have a look at your cabinet, outer shell or the staircase where you want the tub to be placed and find out whether the tub will go with your furniture and home décor.

  • Spa with good warranty

You must select the spa that will offer you good warranty so that you can get the maintenance service if the spa is having some problem.

Weigh up these few consideration and get the best spa Calgary as per your need.

Author’s Bio:

Emily Smith is a freelance architect and a home improvement analyst. She has been writing for many online publications since 2007. In her recent articles on Calgary Spas, she shares some useful guidelines on how to make the choice between hot tubs and spas. Emily takes inspirations from Polar Spas while drafting her piece of articles.