Sanitising your spa water is an integral part of the spa maintenance.Sanitisers kill the germs and bacteria that pollute your hot tub. There are various options when it comes to choosing the product for maintaining and cleaning spas. Here are some chemicals which are usedto keep your hot tub as clean as you always want.

You are probably familiar with chlorine. It can be used safely in your spas but in different concentration. For hot tub specifically, chlorine granules and chlorine tablets are used.

People prefer bromine over chlorine as the smell of the former is not as strong as the latter. Bromine is also available in the form of tablets. It is usually dispersed using a floating feeder.

Use mineral purifier to help your Sanitisers in protecting your hot tub clear of impurities. Mineral purifier is placed inside the filter cartridge or it is contained in the floating dispenser. The minerals are then slowly released into the water.

Clarifiers most specifically fast –acting Clarifiers are formulated for hot water. They assist in removing organics, oil or dirt which are too small for your filter to eradicate.

Natural enzyme cleaners are made up of natural enzymes bio-degrade organic chemicals. It is used to prevent crust lines from oils, organic materials, and lotions. It  streamlines the maintenance of spa filters and spa surface and create clean and clear water.

Sequestering agents also known as metal removers, prevent corrosion and metal stains in hot tubs. Metal remover should be usedevery time you fill or refill your spa to avert stains from metal that normally occurs from tap water.

One of the most important spa chemicals is the scale preventer. This chemical prevents the formation of scale build-up on the equipment or surfaces of the hot tub or spas. Scale preventer also prevent the normal growth pattern of calcium crystals in your spa.

Ozone sanitisation requires your hot tub to be equipped with an ozonator. Along with ozonator  you have to supplement the spa water with a low level Sanitiser such as bromine.


Spa purge cleans up organic contaminants such as  hair products, sweat concentration, cosmetics, body lotion and oil in the spa water. It eradicates built-up organic wastes and reinstate spa plumbing to its original conditions.

A great way to improve your hot tub or spa filter’s life and efficiency is by using a spa filter cleaner. It removes grease, mineral deposits ,oil and  even scale deposits.

A chemical that offers long lasting sanitizing treatment than the bromine and chlorine Sanitisers is biguanide based spa Sanitisers.  They are highly stable.

Chemical substances in your hot tub can combine with other things such asdeodorants, perfume residues, cosmetics and soaps that is left in your body. These will make your hot tub a little foamy. In order to avoid this situation use bubble remover. It will help in removing the foam.

Spa chemicals are distinguished on the basis of their sanitizing and cleansing properties. You can also use bio-degradable spa chemicals as they are eco-friendly.This chemical makes the cleaning process of spa much easier and enable you to enjoy your spa smoothly.


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