When you are asking your children what they would like for Christmas, what are their usual answers? Most of the time they will probably ask you or Santa for a new bicycle. Every kid loves riding round on a bike and receiving a new one on Christmas morning is a dream come true for most youngsters. But how do you find the right one for our little one. Well there are plenty of kid’s bikes available in different styles and models for you to choose from. Here is a pick of some of the latest children’s bicycles from the Scott brand.

Scott Contessa JR 24 Girls Mountain Bike (2013)

Scott Voltage JR 24 Children’s Jump Bike (2013)

Scott Spark JR 24 Junior full Suspension Bike (2013)

Scott Contessa JR 20 Girls Mountain Bike (2013)

So if you are looking for mountain bikes and full suspension bikes for kids this Christmas then check out the latest models for 2013 from the top manufacturers.