Sliding doors

Sliding doors are the perfect solution for areas of the home where space is an issue and there is no room for a door to open normally.  People usually choose sliding doors to gain access to terraces, patios and balcony areas.  The Velfac sliding door ranges slide securely and smoothly in any space they are fitted, 90mm towards the frame and then to the fixed sash.

Velfac’s sliding doors can be personalized with different accessories, for instance with differently styled and sized handles, including their espagnolette and cup handles.  Child locks are available to ensure your sliding doors provide maximum safety for your family, as well as standard locking functions.  The doors also offer click vents to different specifications.

For further information on options available for your beautiful Velfac doors, including types of glazing, noise reduction features, glazing bars and colours available, contact Velfac without delay.

Patio doors

Patio doors open outwards and for security reasons are opened inside only, using an espagnolette handle.  This type of handle has three types of lock within it which is reassuring to know when securing a home or business premises, typically at the rear of the property, but not exclusively so.

Velfac patio doors open at right angles and the 90 degree opening can be fixed using a friction arm, which is adjustable, depending on the angle at which the door needs to be held open.  It is possible for Velfac patio doors to open a full 180 degrees, if the friction arm is released.

As with sliding doors, accessories including different sizes and styles of handles are available, including espagnolette, maxi and cup, as well as the friction arm to hold the door in place if required.  As well as offering a click vent accessory, Velfac patio doors are also lockable with a child lock or standard lock.

A further option for Velfac patio doors is the double leaf design, using a French casement mullion and this allows the customer to open the patio door to its full two leaf width, with elegant and beautiful results.

It is recommended that customers interested in patio doors and the extensive range of other doors for their home or business contact the customer support team at Velfac to discuss all the options in more detail, including their requirements in terms of size, types of glass to fit, how they wish the door to open and lock, and how Velfac’s specialist services can solve their individual project needs. The company also has a full catalog with specifications for each of its door products in detail.




Facade doors: flush door

The Velfac flush door is extremely durable and is considered to be an ideal external door for medium to average usage, for example as a rear door at business premises.  It will also work perfectly as the front door for a home.  Flush doors can be designed and fitted by Velfac to open either inwards or outwards, depending on the requirements of the customer.  There are a variety of designs to choose from in the catalog, including single or two leafed doors, with different glazing designs and grooves also available, subject to personal choice.

If you want to find information about glass doors (as the Danes say Glas døre) make sure you visit the link.