There are several different types of batteries on the market, and technology is changing rapidly. Batteries are getting much smaller and a lot more powerful. If you take a look at mobile phones you will see the perfect example. The first mobile phones had huge batteries that had to be carried separately in a small container that looked a lot like a lunch box. Look at mobile phones today. Most of the batteries are really small and not much bigger than a couple of pennies taped together.

The demand for consumer and industrial technology has created demand for smaller, more powerful types of battery. Technology has also created a need for a battery that can be quickly recharged, but also hold the charge for a long time. This has taken engineers and researchers years to perfect, and the batteries powering mobile phones today are some of the most popular batteries on the market. Most of these batteries consist of a lithium ion battery pack. Here are just a few reasons why these battery packs have become so popular.

Small Size

 As electronics shrink so do batteries. It would not make sense to have a tiny piece of electronics that required a huge battery for power. It would defeat the whole purpose of having a smaller electronic device. Lithium Ion batteries are very small. They are some of the smallest batteries on the market today. This is just one reason why these batteries have become so popular. There are several other reasons too.

More Power

 These batteries also offer more power in a much smaller size. The materials used to make these batteries are light and powerful. For the density, lithium ion is some of the most powerful batteries available today. This allows electronics manufacturers to pack more power into a much smaller battery package. This is just another reason why lithium ion batteries are so popular.

Lithium batteries also have more voltage potential per cell. This helps provide more power combined with a smaller size.

No Maintenance

 Believe it or not, some batteries actually require some sort of maintenance. This is not the case with lithium ion batteries. Ease of use is always a very strong selling point in any type of electronic device. A battery that requires no maintenance is obviously a good selling point.

No Memory Problems

 Not everyone is aware of batteries forming a memory, but some types of batteries do form a memory, and if you have dealt with this in the past, then you know how much trouble it can be. When a battery forms a memory, it will no longer fully charge. It may only charge 5%. This can be more than a little annoying. This is yet another reason why lithium batteries have become so popular because this isn’t something which affects them.

When you take all of these great features into consideration, it is very easy to understand why lithium ion batteries have become so popular when it comes to providing power to the electronic devices of today and tomorrow.

Jesse Marks is a freelance writer who love writing about technology. She has studied the evolution of batteries and understands a lithium ion battery pack is the one of the most versatile and economic battery pack choices available.