Some business owners are interested in designing their own office furniture so that their workplace can be given a one of a kind look that no other will be able to achieve. If this is project that you would be interested in undertaking, it may be worth garnering the help of a professional; not only will they know what they’re doing, they’ll have contacts who can bring the ideas to life.

 Step 1: Begin by putting together a collection of images that you like. This could be photographs, magazine cutouts, catalog cutouts, pattern and colour cards or any other visual resource that you find. This will form the inspiration for your own furniture.
Step 2: Compose a list of all the different kinds of office furniture that your workplace needs. Often, this includes: desks or workstations, office chairs, office storage units or filing cabinets, and other accessories. Make sure that you mark out those items that are ‘needs’ and those that are ‘wants’.
Step 3: Have the professional you have hired sketch out some of their ideas for your new furniture, then work together to pick out elements of the images chosen in step one that you would like to incorporate. Let the professional add these elements in.

Once your professional has worked on a number of office furniture designs, you will need to choose those that you deem to be ‘the best’. You can then send the designs away to be turned into furniture and, before you know it, your workplace will be adorned with pieces that you yourself have helped to come up with.
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