Christmas cards and decorations have been making appearances in the shops since August, and now the gift sections are popping up in stores, which I have to say I do enjoy looking round. They are usually filled with rubbish bits and bobs that you would never actually use, but for some reason still have to go round and look at. These novelty gifts are pretty cool and I can usually come up with an excuse to buy something for someone, even though I know that they will never use it!


When it comes to buying gifts people always say they don’t like to buy people the ‘obvious’, but sometimes trying to think out of the box gets you nowhere and you end up settling for something ‘that will do’. A great way to ensure you don’t do this is to plan in advance; if you are organised shopping can be a much more enjoyable task for those who dislike deciding what to get their friends and family. Write down everyone’s name so you don’t miss anybody out and then write down potential gifts, as weird or as ordinary as you can think of.


I have started doing this myself, and it is certainly easy starting off with my sister who is the most blatant hint dropper and has asked for those ‘obvious’ gifts! I can’t blame her though because her birthday is the day after Christmas and everything seems to merge into one for her, plus it makes it easier for me as I struggle to find things for her the most. She has already made it very clear to Mum that she wants a new silver Fossil watch, a certain set of coconut smellies and a purple lamp for her new house. I have written down the smellies on my list but will obviously have to come up with some other ideas to fill the gaps. I have to say that so far that the list writing is working out well as I feel like I have some good ideas and better still I won’t forget them! I love buying presents for other people, I can honestly say I would much rather have Christmas day than my birthday. It is a bit too early really to be thinking of Christmas but this year I am making the most out of my random yuletide joy because I think next year I will turn into the Grinch until it hits December 1st!