For people who have prescription lenses, the use of transition lenses is a great way to protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. They do not even have to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses. The tint in these lenses darkens when they are hit by the sun’s rays, in order to provide optimal protection. There are some negative aspects to their use, as well. The following describes some of the pros and cons of transition lenses.

Transition Lenses Pros and Cons: Slow to Change

A negative aspect of using transition lenses is that the lenses change quickly when struck by UV rays, yet they take awhile to return to how they originally were. This may be a bit of a hassle when moving from the outdoors to the indoors in a quick manner. Conversely, if you use prescription sunglasses you merely would take them off when going indoors.

Transition Lenses Pros and Cons: Convenience

Transition lenses are convenient in numerous ways. You can easily adapt them to your regular eyeglasses, avoiding the purchase of a pair of prescription sunglasses. Therefore, you will be able to save hassle and time of switching back and forth between two pairs of glasses. Many individuals state that this is the main reason that they decide to switch to transition lenses.

Transition Lenses Pros and Cons: Performance in UV Protected Areas

A particularly bothersome downside to using transition lenses for some customers, is that the lenses will not darken if one is in a place where nearby windows have UV ray deflection. This is most commonly experienced in a vehicle with tint made to deflect UV rays. When riding in such an automobile, the transition lenses may not darken. There are some photchromatic lenses which actually work better in the vehicle.

Transition Lenses Pros and Cons: Protection

One of the obvious advantages to using these lenses is the fact that they protect against harmful UV rays. Even if you do not realize it, your eyes may be harmed by these rays if you are not wearing sunglasses. You can be protected with the use of transition lenses, which darken enough to protect your eyes.

Transition Lenses Pros and Cons: Unpredictable Tint

Transition lenses are meant to tint to the degree that the sun is shining. However, some individuals have reported that unpredictable tinting has occurred with these lenses. If this happens on a gloomy day, the darkening tint may obstruct your vision.

Even with the cons to using transition lenses, numerous people feel that they are an easy and convenient solution to having to buy prescription sunglasses. The pros and cons that have been listed above are subjective, meaning that they may not be relevant for you or matter that much in the grand scheme of things. It is important that you try out transition lenses in order to decide for yourself if they are right for you. Check them out today to see if they are a good option for your particular situation.

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