we know that livingroom are the most important room on our house because we usually doing many activity with our family here.  i will try to give you the sample of nice living room.


on the sample living room above we could see that the living room are so simple, we can see two chair, table, sofa and set of small home teathre. but, the living room looks so warm because there are white carpet on it and we can sit there watching television or movie with our husband and kids. but bearefull, white carpet are tend to get dirty.


this is another sample of living room design, its looks like the previous livingroom but its more lux, and we can saw the balcon there. the differences with the previous living room are the carpet, the designer use more dark carpet so it will more resist to the dirt. the tv are more wide than before, but overall, both the design are simple, we can apply it to our own livingroom.

happy designing :D